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Native-Style Flutes
Charlie Oakwind

Electronically tuned,
5-hole Flutes

No musical experience is needed to play one of these flutes, although many musicians purchase them from us. A Charlie Oakwind flute is simple to play when you allow yourself to become one with this lovingly handcrafted instrument. Playing the music of your soul, allow yourself to feel the peace and relaxation from journeying with your flute. - Marina Raye

“I know for certain that I will  be forever changed by this beautiful flute and the fact that I can now let music back into my life in such a gentle way.  The flute is so lovely both in structure and sound.  The tone is so rich and full and it is almost effortless to play.”  — Jan in Chicago

Fetishes: Bear, eagle, dolphin, (white buffalo is available on any F or F# or deep-toned Purple Heart).

Type of Wood Pitch Length(Approx.) Price Fetish (Choice) Quantity
Poplar - pictured G 18 inches $245

Cherry Wood - pictured F or F# 21 inches $265

Purple Heart - pictured F or F# 21 inches $375

Purple Heart - pictured Deep tones 35 inches $495

Fetishes: Bear, eagle, dolphin, (white buffalo is available on any Purple Heart).
Certain flute woods are not always available. Call or e-mail for current availabilities - 888-460-1010 or charlie@marinaraye.com
Visa and Mastercard accepted. Shipping and handling: $10.00 per flute. Foreign shipping: $25.00 per flute (air mail)

Comments from owners of Charlie Oakwind flutes:

"I feel honored to have this flute in my hands." — Rego Park, NY

"The Oakwind flute is in a class of its own." — Germany

"Totally awesome. These are my favorite flutes!" — Puerto Rico

"I love the sounds I can make with my flute, and I love the feel of the wood.
The flute has the sculptural beauty of a well-made thing, I appreciate your care and skill.
I feel like I can express my feelings through the sounds."
— Jacksonville, FL

"I have played many and various kinds of flutes. But none could be compared to this one. This one speaks to my soul. No, it has a soul of its own. It is more precious than the price I paid for it. I sense that it has a profound healing power." — Germany

“My life has been enriched since i bought one of your flutes.  I got a lot from listening to your CDs, but since I started playing the flute, I feel free, like a part of me has woken up.  It has brought me back to a part of my spirituality I had forgotten.” —
Riverside, CA

“I want to let you know how much I'm enjoying the beautiful flute I ordered.  The craftsmanship is superb and the tonal quality is fine and mellow--truly great.  My flute and I have formed a bond and are learning a lot from one another.”  — Nancy Thompson, Galena, IL

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