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Marina Raye CDs
Beauty Everywhere
Blue Moon Dancing
Keepers Of The Light
Circle of Compassion
Being Peace
Liquid Silk
Nature's Enchantment
Snow Falling On Silence
Blissful Journey
Wings of a Dream
Drumming Into Paradise
Wolf Sister
Star Visions
Earth Ascending
Heart of the Mother
One Heart

Marina Raye Links

Connect on FaceBook:  http://www.facebook.com/marinaraye?ref=sgm

Articles by Marina Raye:





Artist of many of my CD covers:  http://www.frizzellstudios.com/

Graphic artist for all my CD artwork:  http://www.creativelee.net/

Center for Whale Research, Kenneth Balcomb; whale researcher who licensed to us the sounds of Humpback Whales for Beauty Everywhere:  http://www.whaleresearch.com/

Musician friend, 
New Thought artist, much-loved singer/songwriter, speaker and author: http://www.karendrucker.com

Musician friends who are guest artists on my CDs. These are amazing musicians whose music you may enjoy:

Chris Rosser, acoustic guitar on Circle of Compassion:  http://www.chrisrosser.com/
Chris is the studio engineer on my five most recent CDs.

River Guerguerian, percussionist on Blue Moon Dancing:  http://www.guerguerian.com/

Dr. H.G. Moses, violist and harmonic overtones on Keepers of the Light:  http://www.hgmoses.com

Ron Clearfield, cellist on Being Peacehttp://www.ronclearfield.com/

Jim Oliver, keyboard/synth on Blissful Journey, Star Visions and One Heart:  http://www.jimolivermusic.com/
Jim is the studio engineer in Santa Fe, NM, who recorded my first twelve CDs.

My labyrinth builder:  http://www.martycain.com/labyrinth.html

Nature photographers who use my music on their website:

Cindy Mead:  http://www.woodsongphoto.com/

Janet Heintz:  http://jheintzphotography.zenfolio.com/

Articles on Living Green:

An article about our home and our solar systems:  http://www.mynewsletterbuilder.com/email/newsletter/1410691721#3

An inspiring website about sustainable living:  http://urbanhomestead.org/

More Links:
Beautiful website of the Central Band of Cherokee which uses my music on the home page. I am honored and grateful for our connection.

3000+ pages of women's wit and wisdom the Wise Woman Way. Herbal healing for fertility, childbearing, breast health, cancer prevention, menopause, nutrition, spirit healing, the Wise Woman Way. Thousands of articles, plus video, audio, herbal ezine, woman's forum, weblogs, bookshop and more.


An organization that sponsors free conferences on healing through cancer. The purpose of the conference is to educate, inspire, celebrate, and connect all whose lives have been touched by cancer or any life-altering illness. This includes those living with a diagnosis as well as their friends, family, support persons, and health professionals.


An organization dedicated to preserving indigenous wisdom and restoring our Earth.

CHI YOGA FLOW & the Emotional Gym
With Suzanne Grace / Grace Yoga
A 20 minute standing practice of simple yogic breath, stretches, breath awareness, while pulsing the emotions of love, joy, peace and gratitude.  Music by Marina Raye.

Learn How to Play Guitar
A free resource and database of guitar lessons to help you improve your skills.
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