Comments from People Who Have Been
Touched by Marina's Music

"...lifting the mind and body into a realm of peace, beauty and relaxation."
-- Massage Magazine

"Marina Raye plays the magic flute of the heart... as the worlds of sky and earth blend into harmony."
-- Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect

"Marina's music is magnificent, reaching the soul of her listeners... Her albums sell extremely well for us."
-- Liz Doan, Senior Buyer, Music Design

"Perfect for massage, meditation, or peaceful introspection."
-- New Leaf Distributing Company

"These hauntingly beautiful flute melodies surely must move Mother Nature herself."
-- Bette Timm, NAPRA Review.

"Marina's music is pure Sourceful expression. Her flutes sing the song of the soul."
-- Master Charles Cannon, Synchronicity Sanctuary, VA

"When i travel i put on Marina Raye's music and i am grounded and centered.. and when i am working at home Marina's is the only music that complements my work and staying in my heart."
-- Karen Drucker, New Thought Artist (amazing singer/songwriter and author)

"I discovered the music of Marina Raye many years ago, and she continues to amaze me with her beautiful, relaxing compositions. I am a Healing Touch instructor and play Marina's music at all my classes. Her music creates a nurturing, healing atmosphere at class and my students love it!"
-- Maggi Hutchinson, Certified Healing Touch Instructor, Morristown, NJ

"I am a community acupuncturist in upstate NY and I use Marina's music almost exclusively in my community treatment room. I love it. It resonates with the acupuncture on many levels. It brings a deep sense of calm to my clients."
-- Kevin Campopiano, L.Ac., Glens Falls, NY

"I love your music. Being a Critical care Nurse who works the night shift I often play your music to add peace to my night. Many of my co workers comment on it. Even on the busiest nights I find the CD's add a sense of quiet and lessen the hectic pace we can sometime have. Thank you for your spirit and music."
-- Vicky Meadows, RN, Oregon

"When I play Marina's music, it puts me into a state where I can give the best massage possible. My clients go into the same altered state, and we both have a wonderful experience. Almost everyone who hears it, buys it!"
-- Sue Julsen, Julsen Massage Therapy & Gift Shop, Morgan Hill, CA

"Thank you for your beautiful and healing music. I am a massage therapist and one of my clients brought in one of your CDs to use during her session and it was amazing. I am in awe of the ethereal and healing quality of your music. I look forward to hearing the others."
-- Erica Staab, Fairbault, MN

"The music that Marina Raye plays on the CD Liquid Silk is, absolutely, liquid silk! It has a calming effect on all my massage clients. There are many who have ordered it for their own collection at home. The music flows like a slow July river in the Deep South."
-- Janelle Lakman, LMP, Deer Park, WA

"I am a massage therapist and have enjoyed your music for years. My clients are transported to a place much deeper through your music."
-- Alan Wells, Beaverton, OR

"Your music moves me to a place that is home, to a space of remembering, and to the pure wisdom of my heart."
-- Irene Burton, LMBT, Greenville, SC

"Your music is so special; it helps me to find harmony and peace with all that surrounds me. I found it comforting to listen to your music during my recent stay in the hospital, and now that I am home I have been using your music to help me relax while doing my physical therapy."
-- Carolyn Barter, Pittsford, VT

"I really do believe that your commitment to Mother Earth comes out in your music; you reveal a joyful, life affirming attitude which therapists in particular appreciate. Thank you for creating such lovely music to grace this earth and our lives."
-- Janet McGrane, Best of Nature Massage Catalog

"I just want to tell you how incredible your music is for my clients. My clients adore the peaceful serene sense they get from hearing your music. I thank you again for the gift of sound that frees people of stress!"
-- Marianne Jeneski, RN, LCMT, Owner/Nurse Massage Therapist, A Body in Balance Therapeutic Massage

"As a massage therapist, my best work is when Marina's music is playing."
-- Corri Francisco, LMT, Ft. Myers Beach, FL

"Thank you for the wonderful environment you help me create for my clients."
-- Karen Mercer, LMT, NCTMB, Portland, OR

"I feel a very spiritual connection to the music and believe it has enhanced my clients' experience. They seem to enter a deeper place of relaxation and hopefully attunement with their own spiritual self. Thank you again for the music and for personalizing the ordering process."
-- Nancy S. Reid, LMT, Gowanda, NY

"It is a wonderful gift for you to be able to bring such peace to people through your music. I am a Reiki Master/practitioner, and I will be using your music in my sessions. It will certainly enhance what I do."
-- Marianne Wichowski,Middletown, NJ

"Your beautiful music fills the therapy room and enhances my clients' ability to really relax during their massages."
-- Judi Ashe, Licensed Massage Therapist, Black Mountain, NC

"The peace and serenity that is created by your music is so beneficial in helping to establish a healing climate for both the practitioner and the client. I find that it helps me to move out of myself for the greater good of the person I am working with. It is a wonderful 'zone' to be in!"
-- Linda Joest, Morristown, NJ

"A year ago we moved to Colorado and I have been fortunate to find a wonderful massage therapist. Her favorite title, of all her music is Liquid Silk. It is always on her player and I love it!"
-- Roberta Binder, Ft. Collins, CO

"Everyone in the world should find the peace Liquid Silk brings to me. It puts me in the meadow or on the mountain top. It brings me back to nature and my ancestors."
-- Renda Rawdin, Champaign, IL

"I am a licensed massage therapist and use your "Liquid Silk" CD a lot in my practice. Everyone loves it, especially me!"
-- Laura Stille, LMT, Jacksonville, Oregon

"I work as a massage therapist at a Holistic Health Spa and I love your flute music; it's very calming."
-- Lakewood, NJ

"I work in a very fast paced, high tech, high pressure job. Your music has helped myself (and others, as I have purchased copies for people here) to relax and focus. Thank you for sharing."
-- Loveland, CO

"I'm opening up a holistic center and want this kind of spirit at the center. But I really bought the music because it touches my heart. Thank you for your wonderful sounds!"
-- Fremont, CA

"People come into my office just to sit and reflect to the beautiful music."
-- Salt Lake City, UT

"I will be telling all my massage therapists friends about your music. I discovered Liquid Silk while attending massage school. Thanks so much for the wonderful, soulful music to relax the therapist as well as the client!"
-- Sarasota, FL

"I enjoy Marina's CDs so much that I pick one to buy in quantity every Christmas and give it as presents. My gift list includes those we usually overlook such as the pharmacist, dentist, mail carrier, and service people. It is nice to have something small but beautiful that I can be proud to share. Marina's CDs fit that bill perfectly."
-- J.C. Seed, California

Native Heart Music is an artist-owned, independent music label that was established in 1994. Our mission is to assist others to access peace, compassion and bliss through our soothing, relaxing music and handcrafted flutes. We are committed to living gently on the Earth, and it is our intent to inspire others through our example.

"Gift of Peace"

Enjoy a Peaceful Video of the Best Selling CD, Liquid Silk

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