Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence

Marina Raye plays uplifting flute melodies, with the ethereal toning of world-renowned soprano, Kimberly Hughes. Inspiring music of the heart, nurturing like a gentle embrace. Return to Innocence is sublimely beautiful music which is perfect for the healing arts, meditation and relaxation.

Total Playing Time 61:42

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CD Tracks

  1. Awakening (6:54)
  2. Joy in my Heart (8:26)
  3. Dances with Rainbows (8:17)
  4. Coming Home (7:39)
  5. Paradise Now (7:31)
  6. Gift of Wonder (7:47)
  7. Return to Innocence (6:58)
  8. Your Original Face (8:07)

Song Samples

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Dances with Rainbows Video


Stillness and serenity pair beautifully in the heartfelt flute playing of Marina Raye.  Return to Innocence is resonant and spacious.  Raye's flutes hover through the album, climbing and gliding through each track with the grace of a songbird.  The music is gentle and zen-like, presenting a soft atmosphere for relaxation and healing.

~ Dan Cowan, Music Design In Review

I have been a big Marina Raye fan for years.  I use her music on a daily basis for relaxation, healing, and setting the tone for my day.  I play Return to Innocence first thing every morning and bring it with me whenever I travel.  It calms me, centers me, and I highly recommend it for anyone who appreciates beautiful healing music!    
~ Karen Drucker,  Recording artist/Author 

I LOVE this CD!  It is so filled with love and tenderness.  It awakens my heart and fills me with happiness. 

~ Linnea Wardwell, Organizer, Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium

I adore Return to Innocence!  It's like a musical massage!

~ Thea Alexander, author of 2150 AD

I have almost all of Marina Raye's beautiful Native American flute CDs. They are all superb: melodic, never strident, calming, ethereal, expansive and spiritually uplifting. Return to Innocence is especially healing and therapeutic.

~ Hal A. Lingerman, author of The Healing Energies of Music

I am a massage therapist and my clients love this soothing and relaxing music. Return to Innocence has become a favorite. 

~ Ana Osborne, Lebanon, VA

Oh, wow! All I can say is I adore it. I will be loading it permanently onto my media player so I can listen all the time while working.

~ Atlanta, GA

The blend of voice and flute is ethereal and soul-lifting.

~ Asheville, NC

Native Heart Music is an artist-owned, independent music label that was established in 1994. Our mission is to assist others to access peace, compassion and bliss through our soothing, relaxing music and handcrafted flutes. We are committed to living gently on the Earth, and it is our intent to inspire others through our example.

"Gift of Peace"

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