Stillness Dancing

Stillness Dancing

Marina Raye plays deeply peaceful melodies on her native-style flutes. Lightly textured with the sounds of nature, heart-filled music for relaxation meditation and the healing arts.

Total Playing Time 65:25

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CD Tracks

  1. So Blessed (5:38)
  2. Deep Listening (5:24)
  3. Being Stillness (5:48)
  4. Precious Presence (6:05)
  5. Quiet Joys (5:16)
  6. Lightness of Being (4:50)
  7. Inner Light (4:50)
  8. Beauty of Now (5:43)
  9. Tenderness (5:11)
  10. Living Love (6:11)
  11. Homecoming (5:38)
  12. Stillness Dancing (4:50)

Song Samples

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Stillness Dancing Video

The Story of Stillness Dancing

Stillness Dancing is my miracle CD!  After a serious wrist break and five months of nonstop nerve pain, I thought I would not be able to record another CD.  In fact, the surgeon had said, early on, that I would probably never play my flutes again.  I could not accept that verdict and worked for many months to unlock my entire arm and regain mobility of my wrist and fingers.  I had some gifted healers who worked with me, including my physical therapist, acupuncturist and osteopathic doctor, plus lots of prayer, and many trips to the fitness center. Over a year and a half after the break, I had regained much of my mobility and strength, except that my little finger still wouldn't touch my palm, and there was still some residual pain. 

The magic of Stillness Dancing comes from a vision I received in which I was swirling in an ecstatic dance, and I heard the words "Stillness Dancing." I knew exactly what the words meant: they were the title of the CD I thought I would never make!  I began practicing immediately, and the more I played, the more my fingers loosened up and I was able to play pain-free.  After many months of preparation, I began the recording process.

The beautiful cover art is by the extraordinary artist and very dear friend, Charles Frizzell.  He began the painting about the same time I began the recording and editing process, and we worked together on the concept of this work of art.  I have always loved using Charles Frizzell's images for my CD covers, and this was the first time he painted my vision and the music that was flowing "through" me. 

I recorded most of the nature sounds for Stillness Dancing, including mountain streams, cardinals, ambient birds and katydids. Their sounds are like a gentle embrace to the music. Those who love  Liquid Silk will love Stillness Dancing!

My intention is that Stillness Dancing assist you in living from your place of deep inner peace and stillness.

From my heart to yours, 
Marina Raye

Comments about Stillness Dancing

Stillness Dancing is so beautiful that I have it on all day long; when it ends, I just push repeat and start over! From Marina's mellow, soulful flute playing to the sounds of nature in the background, I am transported and feel my whole being relax.  I highly recommend this CD - it's one of her best!  
  Karen Drucker, Recording Artist / Author 

Stillness Dancing is wonderful!  I have been playing it during massage.  I smile when I see my clients drift away, letting go of the stress of the day.  This music has the ability to heal the body and lift the Spirit.  
  Annie Osborne, LMT, Lebanon, VA

Stillness Dancing resonates with the deep silence at the core of life, and brings it out in waves of blissful music.  The love and peace this music brings are needed now more than ever!
  Linnea Wardwell, Organizer, Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium

I listened to the sample of Stillness Dancing and I already know I am going to love it.  It put me in the same place as my favorite one by you - Liquid Silk.
  Sandra McIntire, Taylor MI

Peace is what my jarred nerves need right now, and Stillness Dancing is the perfect prescription. 
  Pat Christy, author of The Education of Temple Fox

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