Nature's Enchantment

Nature's Enchantment

Journey into Peace and Tranquility

The heartfelt melodies of Marina Raye's native flutes blend magically with the enchanting sounds of Nature. Delight your senses in the organic beauty of gentle streams, ocean waves and bird songs. Sixty minutes of peaceful, calming music that is perfect for relaxation, massage or yoga. For those who enjoy Liquid Silk, you will love Nature's Enchantment!

Total Playing Time 61:12

CD Tracks

  1. Enchanted Forest(8:19)
  2. Garden of Delight (8:13)
  3. Wonderment (8:06)
  4. Nature's Enchantment (9:09)
  5. Mama's Love (9:10)
  6. In Harmony (8:40)
  7. Breath of Peace (9:29)

Song Samples

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The Story of Nature's Enchantment

Nature's Enchantment is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Clazina Van de Gevel Punt, who passed on April 16, 2004, a few months after celebrating her 100th birthday. She is my role model for courage and commitment. I love you, Mama.

Nature is my partner on this CD. The music is a tribute to the beauty of nature which surrounds us. While recording these songs, I imagined that I was playing my flutes in an enchanted forest. I felt as though the hermit thrush, the doves, and other songbirds were accompanying me.

In order to live in balance, we need a living, breathing relationship with the Earth. May this music inspire you to deepen your connection to the Earth. May Nature's Enchantment be a breath of peace in your life.

Native Heart Music is an artist-owned, independent music label that was established in 1994. Our mission is to assist others to access peace, compassion and bliss through our soothing, relaxing music and handcrafted flutes. We are committed to living gently on the Earth, and it is our intent to inspire others through our example.

"Gift of Peace"

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