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Walking in Peace

We recently expanded the labyrinth on our land, under the amazing direction of Marty Cain. It is an honor to walk this sacred space and breathe in the peace and beauty of the forest. It is a reminder of the possibility of the awakening of peace in every heart. Below is one of my favorite poems about this happening:

May It Come
May it come like a warm wind,
like a gentle breeze,
may it come,
as soft and deep and tender as a mama's love,
like a sweet wave, may it come,
rolling across the lands,
pouring over us all,
drenching our souls in its peace
and filling our hearts so full with its love
that we find ourselves turning,
turning toward each other,
as with new eyes,
finding no man who is not our beloved brother,
no woman who is not our beloved sister,
no child who is not our own cherished one,
no living being who is not family to us,
and no place where we might stand
that does not feel like home.
- Gary Sugarman

May you walk gently and in Peace,
Marina Raye

Walk in Peace

"Marina plays the magic flute of the heart... as the worlds of sky and earth blend into harmony." Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect

Marina Raye is an internationally-known recording artist who was born in the Congo. She draws inspiration from her deep love for the Earth as she shares her vision of a healed Earth. What makes Marina's music so special is its deeply emotive quality which opens the heart to peace. The uniqueness of Marina's original flute compositions has earned her the description, "The Feminine Voice of the Native Flute."

Trained as a classical musician, Marina has been called a sonic shaman because of her mastery of the native flute. Her music is much-loved by healers and meditators. Her CD, Nature's Enchantmentwas voted one of the top ten CDs for 2005 in the alternative music market.

Our Green Built Home

In 2004 Charlie and I moved from Colorado to the mountains of western North Carolina. We bought a beautiful piece of land with a small stream, old-growth trees and great views. We have planted fruit trees and an organic garden. Charlie spent months preparing our building site. The trees that he cleared have been milled on our site to use in ceilings. We ground up the smaller branches for wood chips for our gardens. Other wood has been stacked to be used as firewood.

Because we are committed to living gently on the Earth, we have a photovoltaic (active solar) system. We will never have electric bills! We used green building materials so that our home will be toxic free. The exterior blocks are 12 inch thick aerated autoclaved concrete, a pumice-like material made of cement, sand, lime and water. This energy efficient material creates thermal mass which keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Because our house is oriented to the south, the sun warms our floors and walls in the winter. We heat mainly with a wood stove. We have six solar collectors on our roof for hot water and for our radiant floor heating system.

Other aspects of our home that make it green include the hardwood flooring made from recycled industrial pallets and cork flooring on our upper level. We used tile on the main floor for a thermal mass that provides passive heating and cooling. All our light bulbs are compact fluorescents. Our appliances are energy star. We have a catch water system for watering our garden, and we are landscaping with native plants and edibles.

Our architect designed our home using principles of sacred geometry called the Golden Mean, also known as the Divine Proportion. Simply put, the spatial arrangement of the rooms uses a mathematical proportion that mirrors the harmony of nature. This proportion can be seen in a nautilus shell, a pine cone, the relationship of petals on a flower, branches on a tree, as well as in the human body. It is important to us to have a home that honors nature and provides a peaceful, healing environment.

Native Heart Music is an artist-owned, independent music label that was established in 1994. Our mission is to assist others to access peace, compassion and bliss through our soothing, relaxing music and handcrafted flutes. We are committed to living gently on the Earth, and it is our intent to inspire others through our example.

"Gift of Peace"

Enjoy a Peaceful Video of the Best Selling CD, Liquid Silk

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